As for the normal routine after my day job and my babysitting chores, :), I surf the web to look for inspiration and to learn how good designers do their stuff – Typography, Colour combination, Vectors and how they ‘Photoshop’. Designers I follow mostly are from Brazil because of their vibrant choices of colours and fresh ideas. For the usual leeway, I google for pinoy designers who can provide some original eye candies and sense of humor on their design.

The following are some of my finds:-


Pinoy Jeepney Driver by Haedes



Pinoy Jeepney Poster


Echo Website by Quiccs



Echo Website


Mini_Cooper “Rollercoaster” by AkoCPinoy



Mini_Cooper "Rollercoaster"


Ituloy ang Sulong Experience by Andrew01Riza



Ituloy ang Sulong Experience


Portfolio 002 by Isha Roman



Portfolio 002


Tribute to Francis Magalona by Ice Works



Tribute to Francis Magalona


Urban Artwork 1 by Urban Alvin


UrbanArtwork 1

UrbanArtwork 1

I know there are a lot of good pinoy designs/ designers out there but the ‘net is a very vast ocean to surf with! So if you knew one, can you give me a link, a site or a forum, just put it in the comments below or you can e-mail me at admin at ipinoylike dot com so we can showcase them here. Cheers!