Just in case you are not aware, Ms. Yen Baet of Yen Baet Photography held a photography contest titled ‘My World in Blue II’. 377 Photographs of 43 Countries from 5 continents have now been narrowed down to 16 FINALISTS from 9 COUNTRIES!. These 16 ‘bestest’ will now compete for 3 prizes: one GRAND Prize (judged), one FIRST Prize (judged) and one PEOPLE’S CHOICE (voted by public by the highest number of Facebook likes).

Different Stories, Different Places, Different People. One World. Enjoy!

1. Blue Mirror by Zsolt Andras Szabo

Location: Riffelalp, Switzerland
The photo was taken at Riffelalp, Switzerland, with the Matterhorn mirroring in the Riffelsee. i put my tent close to the lake to be able to get here before sunrise. the valley was covered with fog, which later began to come higher and higher, covering the view before the red lights coming. so i remained only with this one even if initially i thought this as a test shot, thinking that later will be even better light and colors. it was almost dark, and as i had no cable shutter release than, i must have compromises at camera settings, f/6,3, iso 200, instead of the usual f/14, iso 100.

2. The Chapel Bridge by Sofio Maderazo

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Switzerland is one of the countries in the itinerary of our Europe trip last June-July 2012. We went and stayed at Lucerne. My wife and I loved how picturesque this place with its lovely bridge surrounded by quaint structures. While our tour group was off to go clubbing, we stayed there waiting to capture the scenery during blue hour and I believe our wait was worth it.

3. Fountain of Wealth by Glen Obejera Espinosa

Location: Singapore Suntec City
Fountain of Wealth is one of the famous structure of Singapore. It is listed by the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world. I visited this place couple of times and attempted to shoot but I wasn’t able to get any good perspective until I bought my 15mm fisheye lens. I tried several angle and this shot works for me and the streaking clouds is a bonus.

4. Business Bay by Dennis Dalisay

Location: Dubai, UAE
This was shot under the bridge of business bay crossing. While waiting for the sunrise, me and my mate decided to go walk around the area. Quickly, planted my tripod and had a multiple shot on this to capture the dynamicty of the light colors, and the geometry of this structure…and of course the magical blue hour.

5.Farewell Tree by Michael de Guzman

Location: Turtle Sanctuary, Davao
While waiting for the sun to rise, I did a long exposure on the famous lone tree in Davao City. I centered it hoping that the light would look like coming from the tree…I was lucky.

6. Trakai Castle in Lithuania by Ilja Dubovskis

Location: Trakai, Lithuania
The Trakai castle is one of the major landmarks in Lithuania. I visited it during a day and found some spots to return in the evening. When I was back in the evening I found that boats used during daytime by visitors now are staying at the pier so I included them into my frame. And I was lucky enough that they have turned lights in the castle on just in time. The main challenge here were thousands of mosquitoes thirsty for my blood during 30 second long exposure.

7. Zen Shore by Yiannis Gogos

Location: Evros, Greece
This place is very close to the delta of river Evros(Greece). Because of the floods,low tides and rainfalls this area is constantly changing, providing great photographic opportunities.

8. I’m Lucky I Married a Goddess by Paul Darwin Alcantara

I'm Lucky I Married a Goddess by Paul Darwin Alcantara

I’m Lucky I Married a Goddess by Paul Darwin Alcantara

Location: Divinubo Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar

We went on vacation with her parents. Actually, It’s a family affair because the whole clan was all there. What we did during our stay is bond with all her brothers and sisters, with her nephews, sing all night(videoke), eat fish, party all night, swim all day and exploring the beautiful island, Just relaxing and enjoying each other company.

The photo simply expresses my devotion and love for my wife. when i took this shot i am already contended with the result. I want to show the whole world how much i love this person. I will always take care and respect her at all times. We are married for 3 years now and i know we have a long way to go but together we can surpass anything. She is everything to me. She is my LOVE, my LIFE and my HAPPINESS. Thank GOD i found her and lucky to have married a GODDESS. I love her so much!

9. Sheltered Twilight by Dylan Gehlken

Location : Remarkable Rocks, Kangeroo Island, South Australia.
When I arrive at this location 2 hours before sunrise to get some shots of the stars it began pouring with rain, so I had no choice but to seek shelter under one of the Remarkable Rocks. It continued to rain for the next 2 hours and this was the view that I had from inside of the rock looking out along the southern coast of Kangeroo Island.

10. Lonely Home by Paulo Cañete

Location: San Antonio Island Northern Samar
I was on vacation with my friends and the weather is not that friendly because there was a low pressure area at the time. I noticed this lonely Nipa House on the beach. The owner told (I forgot his name) me that this Nipa House was built by his son but he did not finished it because he need to go to the city to look for a job. He hope that one day his son will go back to the Island and finished what he built. This lonely Nipa House reminds him so much about his son.

11. Big Ben with Light Trails by Christopher Ho

Location: London, England UK
My intention was just to take a photo of the famous Big Ben at a different angle. There I was, focusing my subject and as i pressed the shutter for a few seconds, a bus passed by, thus, creating the Light Trails. I got dismayed at first but when i saw the result, it was breathtakingly awesome for me considering it was my first time to shoot during blue hour and i didn’t know about light trails yet. This is a discovery and a learning experience for me.

12. Gardens By The Bay by Michael Alonzo Taburada

Location: Singapore

13. Atlantis Hotel-Dubai by Ahmad K. Almsaeed

Location: Dubai, UAE

14. Celebrate! by Froi Rivera

Location: Sofitel Hotel, Manila
It was a celebration of love for the couple who has been living for 25 years together. After an emotional wedding renewal ceremony, I captured this photo with all the people celebrating for their love everlasting.

15. First Light by Joserl C. Rabe

Location: Dingalan, Aurora Province, Philippines
I was on a road trip in north Luzon when i took this shot. Part of the itinerary was to go to Baler, Aurora province. I woke up at around 4 am to take sunrise pictures of the coast, this was the first shot i came up with.

16. Il Colosseo by Bushe dela Cuesta (wild card finalist spot)

Location: Rome, Italy

This was taken Sept 23, 2012. The night before, I was thinking twice if I should go at Colosseo early morning. And in the end, I checked what time would be the blue hour for that day and set my alarm clocks!
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