One of my friend approached me and asked this question. “Have you ever encountered ‘out of this world-broadcast to the world-what’s happening in my life as everybody care-shout outs’ posts in Facebook?”

I said Yes! But I didn’t ‘unfriend’ them like he did.

Sometimes,we want to unfriend our friend because of their annoying shout-outs or what we call ‘what’s on your mind’ posts. But to me, c’mon man, be reasonable! He’s your friend! :) Although there are lots of do’s and dont’s posts regarding online behaviour especially on social networking sites, some people cannot help but unleash it! FB is their medium of choice to cry out loud, their virtual ‘shoulders to lean on thingy’ to the extent that some of them forgotten that FB is public, that everybody can see and react, unnoticeably. Anyways, it’s their privacy lost, not yours. So to say, how are you going to avoid those posts unnoticed? I have a solution for that ! ;)Wink.

How to hide your post to somebody?

1.Ensure you are logged-in to your account and you are under the ‘home’ page>news feed.

2.Click the drop down arrow next to the lock icon as shown in the image below. Click Customize




3. A lightbox window will open. Key-in the name(s) of your friend(s) on the box provided under ‘Hide this from’.




4. Save your settings and Voila! your post will now be in stealth mode to them! You can also tick the box provided if you want it to be the default settings.

How to hide your friend’s post?

1. Ensure you are logged-in to your account and you are under the ‘home’ page>news feed.

2. Go to the post you want to hide. For this example, I used one of my fave facebook pages.

fb screenshot

fb_newsfeed_IPL Screenshot 2


3. Hover to the upper right of the post until the little X appears. Click it.

facebook screenshot image



4. A dropdown menu will appear, you have the option to hide the particular post, or hide all his posts.

facebook screenshot 2



Release them from being hidden!

1. You can see all the posts you’ve hidden way down at the bottom of your page, under Edit Options, as shown on the image below. Click it.




2. A lightbox window will pop-up and from there, you can see your ‘hidden friends’.




3. If you want to release them from being hidden, just hover to the right of their name and a little X will appear, click it and their post will be restored from your wall!


Hope you liked this simple ‘How to’. If you got anything to share, or anything to ask, pls drop me a mail here